Margaret & David Tie (2024)

Margaret & David Tie (2024) Dramacool

Other name: Margaret and David Series: Si Si , Ma Jia Lie Yu Da Wei Xi Lie: Si Si , Ma Ga Lit Yu Daai Wai Hai Lit: Si Si , 玛嘉烈与大卫系列 丝丝 , 瑪嘉烈與大衛的絲絲


Ties between people are at the core of love. Two people are tied together when they meet, and as their love deepens, their ties tighten until one of them can’t take it anymore and asks for a breakup. But even after they are separated, there’s still a thin tie dangling between them.

After breaking up with Margaret, David returns to his old life and continues driving a taxi. He tells himself everything is back to normal. But fate blesses him with something new in his overly quiet single life. While Margaret ventures out and exits from his mundane life, Diamond returns after travelling overseas for a long time.

This time, David and Diamond become more than close friends. They become business partners in running a small dumpling shop called ‘Dai Man Ho’. Diamond works in the kitchen making dumplings, while David manages the front and serves customers. The two complement each other.

Besides being work partners, the two also try to find joy in their mundane lives. They become neighbours and decide to learn bowling together. The two lonely souls who have just experienced heartbreak are supporting each other and relying on each other to find the strength to go on…



Status: Ongoing



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