When I Fly Towards You (2023)

When I Fly Towards You (2023) Dramacool

Other name: Luo Yao Knew What He Meant , The Girl Who Fell Into Love , Dang Wo Fei Ben Xiang Ni , 陆遥知他意 , When I Run Towards You , Ta Bing De Bu Qing , Lu Yao Zhi Ta Yi , 她病的不轻 , 她病的不輕 , 陸遙知他意 , 當我飛奔向你 , 她病得不轻


In the early autumn of 2012, Yucai Middle School welcomes a cheerful transfer student named Su Zai Zai. On the first day of school, Su Zai Zai sees a classmate and falls in love with him at first sight. The guy is a school bully, Zhang Lu Rang, who’s rude to everyone around him. However, his life changes when he meets Su Zai Zai who makes him understand the meaning of self and slowly begins to understand how to plan his life. Both slowly developed feelings for each other and gain happiness together.

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Status: Ongoing


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